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Assembly Chairs

Chairs of Various ASCLS-WI Scientific Assemblies

Contact the ASCLS –WI

Get contact information for the individuals below by sending a request to the following e-mail address:


Scientific Assembly Chairs

· State Coordinator: Katie Streufrt
· Chemistry: Volunteer needed 
· Generalist/Public Health: Volunteer needed 
· Industry/Consultants: Volunteer needed
· Patient Safety: Volunteer needed
· Regulatory Affairs: Volunteer needed
· Education: Janet Rosin 
· Hematology/Hemostasis: Patty Boyer 
· Informatics: Mike Lukowski 
· Immunology/Immunohematology: Patty Boyer 
· Microbiology: Kimberly Polsley 
·  Lab Admin: Dani Ahler 
. POC/Phlebotomy: Sue Beglinger 
. Molecular Diag/Genetics: April Harkins

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