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Information on Scholarships - Wisconsin Society for Clinical Lab Science Scholarship Fund, Inc.

Information on state scholarships.

Wisconsin Society for Clinical Laboratory
Science Scholarship Fund, Inc.

Availability of Scholarships

High School Scholarship – awarded to a high school senior entering college with a major in Medical Technology/Clinical Laboratory Science. This scholarship will provide $500 per semester for eight consecutive semesters as long as he/she remains enrolled in a Medical Technology/Clinical Laboratory Science curriculum and continues to display satisfactory academic progress. The scholarship is paid directly to the University.  For an application contact Leah Narans at

The High School scholarship is named in honor of a member who contributed significantly to the society and profession:

Stavri G. Joseph 4-Year High School Scholarship - Stavri Joseph, B.S., MT(ASCP), began his laboratory career during a 3 ½ year stint in the U.S. Navy Hospital Corps during World War II.  Upon returning home he worked part time in the Department of Pathology of the Marquette University School of Medicine while attending classes in Marquette’s Medical Technology Program.  He graduated in 1956 and became certified as a Medical Technologist.  He spent his career organizing and teaching laboratory courses to medical students, first at Marquette and then at the Medical College of Wisconsin, retiring in 1990.

Stavri served as President of the Wisconsin Association for Medical Technology from 1964-65.  He has been a beloved member of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science-Wisconsin throughout his career.  In 1960, along with 4 other WAMT members, Stavri founded and organized the college scholarship program.  He served as Chairman of the Scholarship Fund Board of Directors for years and remains on the Board of Directors as a consultant to this day.  Although the fund has evolved and now awards scholarships to clinical MLS, MLT, and post-grad students, Stavri has continued to be a strong advocate for awarding a yearly scholarship to a high school student entering a clinical laboratory science program.

CLT/MLT Scholarship- awarded to a student in the clinical phase of the clinical/medical laboratory technician program. This scholarship will provide $750 for the clinical phase.  For more information contact Linda Laatsch at

CLS/MLS Clinical Year Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded to CLS students entering their senior, clinical year of study.  Typically 4 or 5 scholarships are awarded.  Each scholarship will provide $1200 to a student during the clinical/internship year for a NAACLS accredited Wisconsin MLS program.   Special consideration is given for students that are ASCLS - WI members. High school scholarship recipients are not eligible to apply for this Scholarship.  Detailed information about applying for the scholarship will be sent to Program Directors after January 1st for distribution to students who will be seniors during the following academic year.  If further information is needed after these details are distributed please contact Sue Beglinger at

Three of the clinical year scholarships are named in memory of members who contributed significantly to the society and profession:

Mary M. Muckerheide Clinical Year Scholarship – Mary Muckerheide, BS, MT(ASCP) was employed by the University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison specializing in hematology research, radioimmunoassay, and was certified in Nuclear Medicine.

Her professional activities included: three-time President of our state society, Chair of numerous Leadership Development Workshops, Scholarship Fund member at large, By-Laws Chair, Newsletter Editor and Region V Nominations committee. Mary also published papers on the Shilling Test, Vitamin B-12 Assay and other RIA procedures. She presented at the International Association for Medical Laboratory Technology meeting in Stockholm, Sweden and participated in medical seminars in China and Scandinavia. 

Dr. Ronald Laessig Clinical Year Scholarship – Dr. Laessig was the Director of the Wisconsin State Lab of Hygiene from 1980-2006 and served for 15 years as the Chief of the lab’s Clinical Chemistry section prior to this.  Dr. Laessig is probably best known as the father of the “Users’ Courses” that regularly brought together instrument manufacturer reps and their Wisconsin laboratory customers.  He mentored a number of Wisconsin laboratorians and was a long-time supporter of ASCLS-WI.  He enjoyed our state meetings, and his presentations were lively, entertaining, and educational.

Pat Jakus Clinical Year Scholarship - Pat Jakus, M.A., MT(ASCP), graduated from Marquette University in 1956 with a B.S. in Medical Technology.  She earned a Masters degree in Management from Central Michigan University in 1978.  Pat spent most of her career at Milwaukee County General Hospital in Milwaukee, rising to the position of Laboratory Manager.

Pat was very active in professional societies at the local and state level – she served as President of the Milwaukee and Wisconsin branches of ASCLS, and was active in numerous committees.  Pat studied in multiple countries and attended international hemostasis meetings in Munich, Kyoto, and Sydney.

For decades Pat served on the Board of Directors of the state Scholarship Fund, and was still serving as a consultant to the Board when she passed away in January, 2012.   She was instrumental in helping the fund rise to the organization it is today.  It is an honor for our Scholarship Fund to name one of our clinical year scholarships after Pat Jakus.


Weisberg Post-Graduate Scholarship – awarded to a Graduate student accepted into an accredited graduate or professional studies program in a field directly related to professional development in clinical laboratory science. Student must be a member of ASCLS-WI for the past three years. This scholarship will provide $1500 in support for the graduate student. A member may receive the post graduate Scholarship for two distinct post graduate degrees. Applications must be received before December 1st.  For information contact John E. Strous at

Dr. Harry Frank Weisberg, M.D. was Associate Chief in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Milwaukee. He was also Medical Director of both the Division of Biochemistry and the Program in Medical Technology. He held faculty appointments at the University of WI Medical School, the Medical College of WI, and the Chicago Medical School.

Dr. Weisberg devoted his academic career to increasing the body of knowledge in acid-base biochemistry, electrolyte physiology, and water and fluids balance. He developed multiple nomograms and slide rules to utilize this knowledge. He also developed the anion cation equilibrium (ACE) equation for electrolyte balance.   It is in memory of his concern for education that this scholarship is awarded.

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