Wisconsin Society for Clinical Laboratory Science Scholarship Fund, Inc.

Four-Year Clinical Laboratory Science Scholarship
Please Read BEFORE inquiring about scholarship

This scholarship is sponsored by the Wisconsin Society for Clinical Laboratory Science and is intended for students planning to major in Medical Technology/Clinical Laboratory Science. This is a distinct profession. Because “medical technology” has been used in the media as a general term related to any new innovation in the medical field, we have had students go through the application process assuming they were eligible when, in fact, they were not.

The information listed below should help you determine whether you are eligible:

Medical Technology/Clinical Laboratory Science is a discrete Bachelor of Science degree that prepares a graduate to analyze biological specimens in a hospital, clinical or research laboratory. This major is similar in structure to other specific health degrees [e.g., nursing, pharmacy] in that the first several years in college will consist of general classes needed to acquire background knowledge and the last part of the degree will require an internship or a clinical practicum in a structured program in a hospital or clinic laboratory affiliated with your college or university. You will spend part of your last year in that laboratory learning the techniques used in most of a clinical laboratory, e.g. chemistry, hematology, urinalysis, blood bank, microbiology. Upon completion of the internship and receipt of a Bachelor of Science degree, you will need to pass a national certification exam in order to practice in your new profession.

Although the CLS coursework is easily transferred to a pre-med degree and others, the scholarship in not intended for pre-med majors unless they plan on working as a clinical laboratory scientist for a period of at least 18 months prior to entering medical school. Nor is the scholarship intended for those planning on pursuing other careers such as physical therapy, clinical nutrition, occupational therapy, physician’s assistant, nursing, pharmacy, or dentistry unless they, too, plan on working as a clinical laboratory scientist for a period of at least 18 months following completion of their baccalaureate degree.

If you now feel that medical technology/clinical laboratory science is the degree you wish to pursue, click below.

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