High School Scholarship

Stavri G. Joseph 4-Year High School Scholarship

Awarded to a high school senior entering college with a major in Medical Technology/Clinical Laboratory Science.  This scholarship will provide $500 per semester for eight consecutive semesters as long as he/she remains enrolled in a Medical Technology/Clinical Laboratory Science curriculum and continues to display satisfactory academic progress.  The scholarship is paid directly to the University.  Click Here for more information.

The High School scholarship is named in honor of a member who contributed significantly to the society and profession:

Stavri Joseph, B.S., MT(ASCP), began his laboratory career during a 3 ½ year stint in the U.S. Navy Hospital Corps during World War II. Upon returning home he worked part time in the Department of Pathology of the Marquette University School of Medicine while attending classes in Marquette’s Medical Technology Program. He graduated in 1956 and became certified as a Medical Technologist. He spent his career organizing and teaching laboratory courses to medical students, first at Marquette and then at the Medical College of Wisconsin, retiring in 1990. Stavri served as President of the Wisconsin Association for Medical Technology from 1964-65. He has been a beloved member of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science-Wisconsin throughout his career. In 1960, along with 4 other WAMT members, Stavri founded and organized the college scholarship program. He served as Chairman of the Scholarship Fund Board of Directors for years and remains on the Board of Directors as a consultant to this day. Although the fund has evolved and now awards scholarships to clinical MLS, MLT, and post-grad students, Stavri has continued to be a strong advocate for awarding a yearly scholarship to a high school student entering a clinical laboratory science program.

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